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Single Lessons

1 Hour Single Lesson with Pat!

In these Live Lesson Sessions, Pat digs deep into a specific topic, and provides a wealth of information at various speeds and camera angles. Intermediate to Advanced players will benefit greatly from these lessons, that are valuable tools to any drummers development.


November 29th: More Toms Inside a Groove

Pat explores more ways to incorporate toms inside a groove, ala Vinnie, or Gadd.

November 22nd: 16th Linear Fills

These original fills are real cool and challenging, with orchestrations written into the 6 examples

November 15th: Using Toms inside a groove

Many great drummers have added toms inside a groove to add richness and a percussive element to the song. In this lesson, Pat give you 4 great examples he created, plus a cool solo at the beginning using toms in a musical way

October 25th: 16th Bass Grooves

In this lesson, Pat teaches some essential 16th note bass drum grooves everyone should be able to play

October 18th: Mr. Clean

This is a classic Freddie Hubbard tune that Pat teaches and provides some other great groove options

October 11th: I Will Remember by Toto

Another great tune, which utilizes toms.

October 4th: Jake to the Bone Part 2

In Part 2, Pat will cover the 7/8 section, and provide some variations.

September 27th: Jake to the Bone by Toto

This great Jeff Porcaro created amazing parts to this killer instrumental. The groove is very challenging. This lesson covers Part 1 of the song

September 13th: Mushanga by TOTO

A great groove by Jeff Porcaro that utilizes toms quite a bit.

February 25th – 777-9311

This legendary groove is broken down and talked about at length

Bill Withers Kissing My Love

James Gadson laying it down!

Sucka MC’s

This legendary Rap song from Run DMC is one of the first programmed drum machine grooves. BUT here is how you play it on a real kit!

February 11th: The Meters, “Little Old Money Maker”

A Classic groove, filled with 16th note deliciousness!

February 9th: The Meters, “Talkin Bout New Orleans”

On this Fat Tuesday, Pat plays a great Meters song, "Talk Bout New Orleans"

February 4th: The Meters, “Look a Py-Py Variations”

Pat breaks down the Look a Py Py groove and creates some very interesting variations.

February 2nd: The Meter, “Look a Py Py”

This lesson may have a few audio breaks unfortunately but you will get the hang of what it is...

January 26: The Meters, “Pungee”

A great groove by Zig Modeliste, that shows how to play "in the cracks" between straight and swing.

Last Lesson of 2015!

Pat selects 3 of his favorite lessons to review.

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